About Us


Bumblebee Play Café

Bumblebee Play Café is a family owned indoor playground, party venue & café in Elgin, Illinois.

As parents of young children ourselves, we believe that playgrounds and unstructured play time are essential to a child’s healthy development, and we love providing kids of all ages a fun and welcoming space to do just that!

We have two separate play rooms for kids–one for little kids, and the other for big kids, as well as a climbing wall and karaoke room. All of these spaces are designed to encourage unstructured, imaginative play, physical activity, and friendly social interaction.

Bumblebee also has 6 private party rooms and a café that offers a variety of drinks, eats and treats!

So drop in for a little (or long!) while during our open play hours, or let us host a special party for your child. We’d love to show you a bee-utiful time!

Fun Facts About Bumblebees

Another name for bumblebee is the humblebee! (Because of the humming noise when they fly, not because they are humble!)

Bumblebees fly by creating mini hurricanes with their wings!

Bumblebees have smelly feet! They have an oily substance on their body (and feet) which they use to mark a flower they stripped of pollen and nectar. The smell lets other bumblebees know that there is no point in being there!

Bumblebees are larger than honeybees but they don’t produce as much honey. But they are very important pollinators! Without them, food would not grow.